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Gorelick Advisees (post-docs and graduate students)

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Gorelick Advisees (post-docs and graduate students)

Post-docs in Academia and Research

  •  Dr. Odile Gerbaux-Francois, Engineer, Atomic Energy Center (CEA), Grenoble, France
  •  Dr. Haim Gvirtzman, Professor, Hebrew University, Israel
  •  Dr. Nicolas Flipo, Research Staff, Ecole des Mines, Fontainebleau, France
  • ‚Äč Dr. Freddi-Jo Eisenberg-Bruschke, Lecturer, Cal State University, Fullerton
  •  Dr. Luc Feyen, Scientific Officer, Inst. for Envir. and Sustainability (JCR), Ispra, Italy
  •  Dr. Steven Loheide, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin
  •  Dr. Gerrit Schoups, Associate Professor, Technical University in Delft, Netherlands
  •  Dr. Holly Michael, Associate Professor, University of Delaware
  •  Dr. Kevan Moffett, Assistant Professor, Washington State University
  •  Dr. Veena Srinivasan, Fellow, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment
  •  Dr. Laura Erban, Research Scientist, US EPA, Rhode Island
  •  Dr. Julie Padowski, Research Faculty, Washington State University, Pullman, WA
  •  Dr. Hua Zhang, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi 
  •  Dr. Marc Muller, Assistant Professor, Notre Dame University, IN
  •  Dr. Matthew Weingarten, Assistant Professor, San Diego State University, CA
  •  Dr. Jim Yoon, Water Security Analyst, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA
  •  Dr. Hassaan Khan, Assistant Professor, Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan

Post-docs now scientists in private industry

  •  Dr. Bruce James, Suncor Energy, Canada
  •  Dr. Virginia (Fry) Dykaar, Transportation Planning, Santa Cruz, US
  •  Dr. Monica Martinez-Canales, Intel Corporation, CA
  •  Dr. Sylvain Coutu, Swiss RE, Zurich, Switzerland 
  •  Dr. Kazi Rahman, Research Scientist, US EPA, KY
  •  Dr. Deepthi Sekhar, Hydrologist, California Dept of Water Resources, Sacramento, CA
  •  Dr. Jim Yoon, Water Security Analyst, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
  •  Dr. James Dennedy-Frank, Post Doctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • Dr. Anjuli Jain Figueroa, Dept of Energy, Washington, DC

Doctoral students in research, academia, or *currently in Stanford doctoral program 

  • Dr. L. Jeff Lefkoff, Executive Assistant Dean, College of Engineering, UC Davis, CA
  • Dr. Brian Wagner, USGS, Menlo Park, CA
  • Dr. Charles Harvey, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
  • Dr. David Hyndman, Professor, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Roy Haggerty, Professor, Oregon State University
  • Dr. Alicia Wilson (MS), Associate Professor, University of South Carolina
  • Dr. Fredrick Day-Lewis, USGS, Storrs, Connecticut
  • Dr. Kamini Singha, Professor, Colorado School of Mines
  • Dr. Steven Loheide, Associate Professor, Civil & Env. Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Dr. Michael Ronayne, Associate Professor, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins
  • Dr. Veena Srinivasan, Fellow, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology & the Environment
  • Dr. Kevan Moffett, Assistant Professor, Washington State University, Portland, OR
  • Dr. Laura Erban, Research Scientist, EPA, RI
  • Dr. Jim Yoon, Water Security Analyst, Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, WA
  • Dr. Ellen Ward, Water Information Specialist for Goverment of Yukon, Whitehorse, Canada
  • Dr. Philip Womble, Doctoral Student (E-IPER), Stanford University (co-advised with Barton "Buzz" Thompson)
  • * Ju-Young Lee, Doctoral Student, Stanford University (co-adviser along with advisor Roz Naylor)
  • * Ankun Wang, Doctoral Student, Stanford University

* current doctoral students

Doctoral students now scientists in private industry/NGOs/consultants/education

  • Dr. Christine Koltermann, California
  • Dr. Rahul Gandhi, California
  • Dr. Michael J. Pinto, UK
  • Dr. Leslie Dillard-Nogaret, Texas
  • Dr. C. Lee Addams, Boston, MA

MS students now scientists in government/private industry/NGOs/consultants/education

Dorothy Atwood, Wesley Danskin, Claire Tiedeman, Robert Gailey, Robert Greenwald, Gregory Carroll, Stephen Hedberg, Scott Brogan, Laura Leist, Trayle Kulshan, Nick Martin, Jacob Bauer, Neth Walker, Mandy McLean, Arden Wells, Benjamin Tan Zhi Wen, and Abigail Birnbaum